ARPS International

Recent Success Stories

ARPS International was asked by a Fortune 100 manufacturing client to work on 31 highly technical positions. The client also engaged 11 other recruiting companies for hiring these 31 positions, which were part of their strategic expansion program. Some of these 11 other recruiting companies had been working with the client for several years.

Despite the intense competition from entrenched competitors, our performance was the most outstanding among the 12 recruiting companies engaged on this large program, as indicated by the following statistics:
Total positions   31
Positions filled by ARPS 12  (13 offers, 1 decline)
Positions filled by other 11 recruiting companies                 5
Positions filled by Client few
Positions unfilled few
Total interviews for ARPS candidates      30

In addition to the above 12 positions, we filled another 9 positions making it a total of 21 positions filled with a single client.

In late 2012, we were invited by a Large European Multinational Company to work on 30 technical positions. ARPS filled 21 positions with additional offers.

ARPS International is dedicated to working closely with our clients to fulfill their hiring needs in a timely and cost effective manner.